Zombies like Brains Fascinator, Zombie Fascinator

  • $43.00

Zombies like brains, right? So if a few zombies found themselves ankle deep in brains, they would probably be pretty stoked. Do zombies have feelings? Well, even if they don't, you will feel pretty rad wearing a zombie and brains fascinator! Two silhouettes of zombies doing the classic zombie moves are anchored in plastic brains. Yeah, like right down in the brains. The brain is on a red fascinator - because, fitting, right? Feel free to do your best zombie face and/or moves while wearing the fascinator - I couldn't resist. When it isn't on your head, use it as a decoration. Zombies like attention.

Underneath the fascinator is a felt base with a sewn in channel so you can swap out the clips for a metal headband.