Meet Aubrey

I love a good back story, so let's get to know each other!

I'm Aubrey - the colorful girl behind A Daily Obsession. I actually am A Daily Obsession. My maiden name was Daily (A. Daily) and I tend to obsess (but, don't we all obsess at least a teeny bit?). 

I have always loved tiny (or ridiculously huge) versions of things. Dollhouse doodads (minus the dolls), oversized inflatable bananas...Remember the Beatrix Potter story, The Tale of Two Bad Mice? That was one of my favorites. You are probably getting the idea. 

Anyway, I didn't set out to create silly vignettes to wear on your head (or use as a tablescape/centerpiece/shelf decor). It just evolved. I was sewing bags and created a small Santa hat to wear to a craft show. The tiny versions of the classic red hat sold, and my imagination just took off - like, way off.  Now I collect (hoard) disco balls, feathers, elves, Santas, flamingos, tiny martini glasses, and piles of glitter so I can create just about anything. 

It's fun. And it spreads fun and smiles. It makes people happy to see someone with an imaginative accessory, and it also makes people happy to wear one (or a few).  

A few other facts:

I am happily married to a super geek who humors me and all my design choices. We live just outside of Scranton (yes, The Office Scranton), and have 2 energetic, busy kiddos (a girl and a boy) who keep us running from one activity to the next. We also have a rescue dog that is hooked on french fries. I am a former teacher (middle school math!) and an avid reader (seriously, I read way past my bedtime). Our life is colorful, chaotic, messy, and awesome. Thanks for being a part of it!