So, what exactly is a fascinator? 

A fascinator is a light, decorative headpiece consisting of feathers, flowers, beads, etc (I specialize in the ETC part) that is attached to a hair clip (or comb). Think: British royal wedding.  

If you are more comfortable calling it a mini hat, or a tiny hat, go for it. Some people are more comfortable with the term 'hat.'

How does it stay on my head?

All of the fascinators have a hidden felt base with a channel on the bottom. They ship with alligator clips already in the channel, but you can swap them out for a metal headband (also included). Some people like to wear them with both the headband (to hold the fascinator on) and a clip ( to hold the fascinator in place). Go with what is comfortable! 

fascinator base



Can I dance/walk/be generally fabulous while wearing it? 

Yes! I can assure you that I have worn all sorts of things on my head for hours and danced, walked, and dined.  

Anything else I should know? 

You are going create a sensation! Other people are going to enjoy you wearing a fascinator. They may want to take your picture. They may ask you why you have a cocktail/book/popcorn/cupcake/etc on your head. Get ready to accept loads of compliments and spread some joy! 

I still have questions!

That's OK! Send me a message at aubrey@adailyobsession.com.