Putting on my Big Girl pants

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Recently I did a ton of behind the scenes work at A Daily Obsession - adding a tagline (Radiate. Celebrate. Fascinate.), creating wholesale terms and a line sheet, updating photos (did you meet the girls?), and redesigning the bases on my fascinators. Some of it was stuff I had put off forever - the boring, business plan type stuff that doesn't really get your creative juices flowing. Figuring out the cost of supplies, how long I spent on each hat, projecting what I could actually produce was scary -- it would have been far easier to just go and 'get a job.'  And, in my weaker moments, I debated chucking the whole thing.

Now that most of it is done, or in progress, I do feel more like a legit business owner. It took a lot of pep talks and few creative kicks in the ass, but I finally laid a pretty good foundation. And, while I do spend my days with glitter, glue, and feathers....I am creating more than just fun, kitschy fascinators. My goal is to grow A Daily Obsession into a lifestyle brand - spreading sweetness and light and fun through more than just headwear. Because, when I narrow it down to my main motivation, I want to make life happy and colorful. 

This means wearing a fascinator that makes you feel fun and fabulous - or that makes the people who see you smile;

or adding bunny ears to the school mascot sign;

or bopping away embarrassing my children with my school drop-off dance;

or retro-renovating our kitchen.

I will be  including snippets of our home (#athomewithadailyobsession) and our activities (#outandaboutwithadailyobsession) and looking at ways to expand and grow - even outside of my comfort level. 

So, yes. I am finally wearing my big girl business pants, but no one said they weren't glittery or fantastically tacky. 

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